Control Home Appliances using Android:


Android as an operating system in our handheld devices has literally taken over the world  It has a worldwide smartphone market share of 75% during the third quarter of 2012,[18] with 500 million devices activated and 1.3 million activations per day.(See Wikipedia for more!), As such most of us have these in our pockets and we all want these fantastic devices to manage our day to day lives making it easier for us to focus more on what we want.


As such I developed this device which is very affordable to have in one's home and control just about anything in your home through it ,like toaster's, hair dryer's, fan's, light's, coffee machine's etc.(See Instructions to know about how much current can be handled)



Available on Google Play! for FREE!
The Product:
The complete Product package consists of an Android app that supports Android OS's from 2.2 Froyo onwards till the latest OS(which covers almost every Android in working condition on Earth!), and another part includes of a PCB/Electronics that are made considering the standard size of a wall wart and as such it goes inside the wall-wart.
Time Funtion
The newly updated version of andRHOME App consists of an added feature of Switching ON & OFF you appliances on the time you want! , you can select starting and stopping time for each of the individual switches and you also get prompted of the Switching ON & OFF activity no matter in which application you are.


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