Kirk Evans, US citizen, 20 yrs in  R&D background for USA universities and USA natioinal laboratories, later moved into technology (private sector) also in R&D and product development, in areas such as telecom, medical, and more recenty embedded systems development and software (microsontollers and systems level development).


My last 15 years have been working in ASEAN countries (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia..) specifically in medical equipment development (see link for overview of that work ( My goal is to contribute to technology transfer, knowledge exchange between both betwee countries as well as between icher and poorer market sectors (the medical project in the video above is a good example, and there are many other areas to pursue to create new products, markets, and meet global needs (health care, energy and power, as well as small consumer products that improve lives and create new business opportunites. 


I have a long term respect for Thailand and wish to continue work such as above here and would enjoy the opportunity to ways to work together. 




  Founder of KSE Medical and Technical Director of Technology for Health and Education Co., Singapore based company, serving Vietnam and other regional countries to produce appropriate and life saving medical equipment for newborn care. THE Co. Ltd is a continuation and an extension with the same general mission of KSE Medical of improving healthcare for the underserved.  We have developed several machines, and treated ~300,000 newborns (saved more than 500,000 lives).   We cover all aspects from developing equipment, performing research, manage clinical trials and support training and resource out of country solutions when necessary.  KSE Medical is expanding its products with a focus of integrating them into telemedicine capable tools for the same undersupplied rural medical demand. 




6 years senior management in R&D (USA) (team sizes from 5-20 persons, generally senior technical personnel.

>10 years involvement in medical and large NGO projects in Vietnam, and neighboring countries including Laos, Cambodia and soon several others. 

>20 years work experience in technology research and development (physics, engineering, in USA).

Resident of Vietnam for prior 14 years, Formed KSE Medical (Vietnam). 




Traveled in Asia for past 20 years involved in a variety of medical projects and continuously in Vietnam for more than 10 years. Survival language skills in Vietnamese and Thai. Primary focus of my effort has been towards solving the technical and engineering specific problems that are faced in a developing country. Due to the lack of infrastructure, many imported solutions fall short of success. And therefore KSE Medical projects focus on how best to find low cost solutions on how to fill the gaps in the infrastructure so that advanced technology can best be adapted to meet the local needs and improve on the health care standard in Vietnam, and other countries in the future. 







I have worked 6 years in senior technical management, but in the years prior I worked in engineering and physics in a detailed “hands on” capacity for private companies, universities and national laboratories.

Areas in which I performed detailed design work include:

-Experimental physics research (12 years)

-Electronics (20 years)

-Medical systems (10+ years)

-Lasers, optics and fiber optics (5 years)

-Mechanical systems, shop fabrication (8 years)



Experience in “Start-up” environment, and technical manager for large and small projects. 

Senior Engineer for Optivus Co. Ltd. supporting the Children’s Hospital in Loma Linda. Proton Beam Radiation Facility, CA. USA.

Extensive work in X-ray, electron and ion beam systems for physics research and some medical applications (several sites in USA; CA, Washington DC, and others).

Advanced technology development on worlds leading proton beam radiation therapy system (Loma Linda University, CA. USA).

Microbiological sterilization with plasma systems (University California, Irvine).

Developed an environmental approach to pest management for large scale agriculture (University California, Riverside).

The work below is  R&D done in Vietnam: 

This work differs from the above in that it was done largely independent of other engineers or laboratory resources. It is good and valuable work, but the products initially looked crude and unpolished on first impression. Hence the work in Vietnam was a ‘new’ type of R&D but important none the less as it led to my full time occupation on medical equipment for developing world.

* Developed a low cost CPAP ventilator, and other critical care devices for premature infants and starting manufacturing facility in Vietnam.

* Senior engineer for serval groups doing volunteer medical work in Vietnam for MASH type surgical missions. 

* Repair and service of several types of medical equipment in Vietnam.

* Establishment of MRDC (Medical Research and Development Center in Vietnam with partner relationship with National Hospital of Pediatrics, Hanoi, Vietnam.



Medical contact base:

Worked in more than 100 different medical facilities in Vietnam. 

Established relationship with top-level pediatric hospitals in Vietnam, and expanding into provincial hospitals with formal government approval of our products. 

Working relationships with several NGO’s overseas medical experts, for advice and consultation. 

Contacts with several domestic companies importing medical equipment in both Northern and Southern Vietnam.

Working relationship with several small and large health care related NGO’s in Vietnam. 


The charitable medical work was instrumental in building trust and understanding between doctors and engineers across the country. 

Projects that contributed significantly to environment and Health  


Environmental Project-Pesticide Free Pest Management:

University of California Hansen Trust 

* Competitive Research Projects Funded Year 2001-2002, Sorting Cocoons of Predator Thrips Franklinothrip orizabensis Johansen

* Link-


The overall success that KSE Medical achieved in both 

Humanitarian terms and also became a business (from ~$50k personal investment grew to 30 personnel under my lead (expats and local staff of all levels), and began doubling in revenues until May 2009.  


Cover article in NEED Magazine (Issue4_Health.pdf … available upon request) 

National TV coverage in Vietnam on the project/company of KSE Medical:













Advanced technology development on world’s leading proton beam radiation therapy system.

Developed a low cost CPAP ventilation system for premature infants.

Provide engineering support in operating room environment for overseas charitable medical team.



Microbiological Decontamination and Sterilization at University California of Irvine.



Development of a high energy militarized laser for ordnance initiation.

Product development of a handheld semiconductor laser diode based system for medical applications. 

Development of semiconductor photoluminescence as a means to monitor integrity of optical fibers.



Application of MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) in micro-optical systems with ASIC for real time feedback and control.

Development of proprietary position sensing system for MEMS device.



"All Optical" NxN Fiber Optic Cross-Connect switch.

Variable fiber optic attenuator.

Fiber optic hermetic sealing and packaging.

High performance fiber optic OTDR (optical time domain reflectometer).



Large mixed signal ASIC program for first generation product. Accelerated development schedule encompassing 20 people over 6 states. 

FPGA to digital ASIC fast track program for advanced sensing/feedback and control system. 



Design of a high field cavity accelerator.

Research and development of high power microwave generation.

RF Linac megavolt electron beam sources.

Novel cathode development for applications such             as plasma displays and imaging systems. 


Work Experience:


Technology for Health and Education Co. Ltd.

Position: Technical Director  

Singapore/Hanoi, Vietnam (1/2014 to present)


KSE Medical 

Position: Founder/Director and Freelance Consultant

Hanoi, Vietnam   (11/2001 to 12/2013)


Integrated Micromachines, Inc.

Monrovia CA.   (6/2000 to 10/2001)

Positions included: Advanced Development Manager, ASIC Manager, Product Manager, and Senior Systems Engineer


Optivus Technology, Inc. (Loma Linda Medical University, CA. USA)

Position:  Senior Electrical Engineer / Accelerator Systems Engineer 

San Bernardino CA.   (3/1999 to 6/2000)


Hi-Shear Technology Corporation

Position:  Senior Laser Engineer

Torrance CA.   (5/1998 to 3/1999)


University of California at Irvine, Physics Dept.

Position:  Research Specialist 

Irvine CA.   (9/1997 to 5/1998)


US Naval Research Laboratory

Position:  Electrical Engineer and Senior Technician

Washington DC.   (8/1992 to 8/1997)


Harry Diamond (US Army) Laboratory

Position:  Electrical Engineer

Adelphi MD.   (6/1991 to 7/1992)


University of California at Irvine

Position: Research Assistant Physics Dept., Irvine CA.   (6/1987 to 6/1990)




Master of Science Degree:  

Graduated- 1997

MS in Information and Computing Technology Electrical Engineering

Institution: George Mason University

Located: Fairfax, Virginia, USA



Bachelor of Science Degree: 

Graduated- 1990

BS in Applied Physics (Physics with a focus on Electrical Engineering)

Institution: University of California Irvine

 Located: Irvine, California, USA




Additional University and Specialized  Courses completed:

In addition to the above which were for complete degree programs, I also completed the curriculum required as prerequisites for medical school in the US (includes basic but university level Biology, Chemistry, etc.)

Located: Washington DC, USA




Emergency Medical Technician

Bethesda Medical Center

Located: Maryland, USA