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I have developed this LCD Console that will be mountable on the Bike and it will have options for Fuel gauge, Speedometer, Odometer, Indicators, Neutral point, i have made this for a custom bikes manufacturer.

The development is complete have tested the code:

1) LCD Starting Screen:


2) LCD showing speed in Km/h:


3) The following are pictures of LCD Console in Mountable condition(shredded wires and other socket stuff):

i) Shredded wires and socket (sleek side look):


ii) From the front:


4) FINAL DRAFT(with all graphics that would be on the screen):

The following are two other LCD's pic's under which i made further changes in term's of Font (used in Km/h & Km in odo.) and also tried to illustrate Fuel gauge level working in the picture number 2:(to look at full resolution please open the pic's by right clicking>open in new tab/window> zooming)

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